Vacancy Pastor's Monthly Message for Nov. '17

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Grace,

It is a joy to be your Vacancy Pastor! We are navigating together this time of transition from one pastor to the next as our faithful God works what is best for us as a congregation. His plan is perfect, and we are wise when we allow Him time to bring all the details together. I am happy to be here to stand in the time gap, but I must say that I am also happy to be retired, and when I am not here, I joyfully enjoy doing things with my wife and family that retirement affords me.

So that we can be in a better position for the next shepherd that God sends to Grace, we will combine our Youth and Adult Bible Studies into one class on Sunday mornings beginning November 12th. Our younger children will still meet as they have been. The Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab, Mission and Ministry Facilitator, who is working with our Call Committee, has recommended this move so that we develop a better appreciation for our Savior who redeems all ages, and for a greater understanding of one another’s views. We can encourage and also help each other grow in our faith. No one has more of the Holy Spirit than any one else, so each person can add their voice to the conversation and build up the group (as 1 Thess. 5:11 says).

And to help our services flow better, please put your prayer/attendance cards in the offering baskets each service. We will pray for major events in our services, and then take your prayer requests and pray for them every day as pastor and staff. The Prayer Warriors and Elders will also pray. You can join those Warriors by notifying the church office of your willingness to serve in this way.

Changes to our life as a congregation? Not really. Rather, adjustments to the way we do things to make each person’s faith life better and deeper, with the extra benefit of strengthening Grace as a gathering of believers in Arlington, Texas. As we become more and more faithful in following the Word of God, we will become more and more a place where the Spirit can use us to save souls.

In His service to you (for now),

Rev. Joe Ardy, Vacancy Pastor