A note from Pastor Ardy

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

--Galatians 5:1 (ESV)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The freedom we enjoy in the United States is wonderful, and admired by many in the world. We have the kinds of opportunities that are only limited by current technology or lack of ideas. The country we live in is a gift from God, for He could have chosen for each or any of us to be born somewhere else in this world. The fact that we are in this country serves God’s purposes for His kingdom, and for the good of other people near and far.

As wonderful a gift of living in the United States is to each one of us, there is a greater freedom that we have, and can share - the freedom from the consequences of sin. Oh, and the freedom of knowing that our future is secure because Jesus accomplished our salvation, and there is nothing we need to do to earn heaven. We are therefore free to respond to God’s grace in the ways we are gifted and by the causes and issues that interest us as God uses us to bless others. And we have the freedom of having Divine help with the Holy Spirit for each day’s decisions. And, we also have the freedom of grace and forgiveness to use in the various relationship issues that may come up in daily life. Oh, and lets not forget that we have the freedom from worry about our future because God can use anything to bring about good in our lives, as is promised in Romans 8:28.

Plus, we have the freedom to forgive those that have hurt us in the past so that those old events don’t limit our enjoyment of each new day that we receive from God’s hand. And we should not neglect the freedom we have to enjoy the Creator by viewing the incredible diversity of His creation as we look outside or spend time with family and/or friends.

Oh, and one more freedom we have - to worship our amazing God in this country: for all the freedom He has given us through the history of the United States, and the cross of Jesus. We are indeed freely blessed! You are free to add to list of freedoms. I may have missed some you enjoy.

We get to share this “double freedom” with everyone we know and meet. And, we are free to do that in all kinds of ways as well. Living thankful lives is a great place to start!

Freely rejoicing with you,

Pastor Joe Ardy